About us

One of the core strengths of our team is the ability to create products for personal and professional development.

We also have an extensive knowledge of assessments designed to deepen personal and interpersonal awareness.

Some time ago, we started to think about designing an easily accessible, online assessment that would not only be fun, but would also provide some important self-insights that could really benefit people.

There are lots of online ‘personality assessments’ available out there, so it was important for us to offer something different. In so doing, we decided to combine two extremely powerful models that provide a deep understanding of human behaviour. We wanted to do this in an unusual and effective way, and the result is Personality Star! The two models we combined are the Enneagram and Carl Jung’s typology. You’ll find more information about these in this website under the section headed “The Science”.

It’s worth noting that the Personality Star questionnaire and feedback reports are built on a solid foundation of research, psychometric expertise and statistical knowledge. So this truly is a scientifically based assessment. We invite you to try it out for yourself, share it with your friends and family and let us have your feedback!

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
– Carl Jung